Dig up two sites and combine their disparate parts into
one hideous monster and unleash it on the world!

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About this site

As Summer turned into Fall at Sisu HQ, the team gathered to talk about projects that would be seasonally-appropriate and a good learning experience to boot. Frankencomp is the product of that discussion.

Every designer jokes about the Frankencomp, the unholy merger of two distinct ideas into one approvable conglomerate (fine, fine, fine, it's not THAT bad. We just like whining, ok?). It seemed like the perfect daimon to haunt creative offices worldwide.

The project has been a test of speed, development and teamwork. It is most definitely a work-in-progress - we look forward to making improvements to the site as Halloween turns into Holidays and beyond.

Thank you for visiting, pardon the mess and have fun!

- Team Sisu